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4 in 1 Folding Pen Pocket Tool Just $8.00 each! This is the perfect gift for everyone in your life! This aluminum framed pocket tool is a 4 in 1 delight!

This tool features….

#1) A twist open ball point ink pen. 

#2) A touch screen stylus.

#3) A flashlight.

#4) A folding feature that allows you to direct the light or to use you pen as a tablet or phone stand.

This super handy 4 in 1 tool is the same size as a regular ball point pen measuring approximately 6” long and approximately 3/8” in diameter! Photograph shows tools in various stages of use. This price is for just one tool! Just $8.00 each! B

♦ Please note some items may vary slightly from the photographs due to availability of colors, styles, etc. from my suppliers. However, you can rest assured that the item you purchase will be of equal or greater quality.

4 in 1 Folding Pen Pocket Tool

SKU: TGM 338
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