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C2P Motion-Activated LED Toilet Light Just $10.00 each! The C2P Motion-Activated LED Toilet Light has a high-quality light sensor and motion sensor, it will automatically turn on when detects movement and stay on for 2 minutes after last movement, protecting you and your kids from stumbling around in the dark. C2P is ultra-water resistant and can be cleaned with most household cleaners. No more messy cleanups! It is a dream to find your way easily and safely without any worries. C2P has a creative lighting design: Choose between 8 single colors or color-cycle, this toilet night lamp is going to make your toilet beautiful and easy to use at night. You can keep One Color or Color Rotation on this bowl of light. C2P is easy to Install and Clean: Operated by three AAA batteries, (1.5V), (Batteries not included). Simple design makes it easy to clean. Get yours today for just $10.00 each! 

♦ Please note some items may vary slightly from the photographs due to availability of colors, styles, etc. from my suppliers. However, you can rest assured that the item you purchase will be of equal or greater quality.

C2P Motion-Activated LED Toilet Light

SKU: TGM-323
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