Diabetic Type 1 or Diabetic Type 2 Leather Bracelets Just $10.00 each! These are brand new and high quality! This is Genuine Leather Bracelet that has a unique, quick adjust cord for ease in putting on and taking off. The cords double as an accent and you can choose from Diabetic Type 1 or Diabetic Type 2.Features:Genuine leather band.Domed metal logo plate covered in protective acrylic.Adjustable cord closure for a perfect fit!Leather band width: 13mm and 170mm length: (+ 120mm adjustable cord).These are perfect to alert Emergency Medical Personnel, family or even strangers responding to your emergency of critical information regarding your health. You can proudly wear these great looking bracelets, and these make great gifts and best of all they are just $10.00 each!

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Diabetic Type 1 or Diabetic Type 2 Leather Bracelets

SKU: TGM-303