Flex Driver Conversion Tools for Drill or Power Screwdriver Are Heavy Duty, Flexible and available in 1/4” 3/8” and 1/2" sizes for just $8.00 Each! With these super handy heavy duty flexible drivers there is virtually nowhere that you cannot use your drill or power screwdriver now! Quickly pop on the socket you need and go! This is a must have for every handyman! These super handy, drivers are flexible yet super strong and rigid to allow you to use them virtually anywhere! These are constructed with high quality Chrome Vanadium Steel. Photograph shows two sizes, but this price is for just one Flex Driver Conversion Tool! Just $8.00 each!

♦ Please note some items may vary slightly from the photographs due to availability of colors, styles, etc. from my suppliers. However, you can rest assured that the item you purchase will be of equal or greater quality.

Flex Driver Conversion Tools For Drill or Power Screw Drive

SKU: TGM 336