Intelehanz Pro Series, Flexible Tripods, Hands Free Cell Phone Holders Your Choice of Two Styles Just $10.00 each! Long, flexible legs covered in either high density foam or sure grip rubber; allow your phone or camera to be rigidly mounted on flat or uneven surfaces - even at odd angles that would otherwise be too extreme for other tripods! Put your tripod on a table, around a pole, or even hanging from a tree branch. The sure grip legs and tacky rubber feet give your tripod the grip it needs to grip nearly any and all surfaces ensuring you have a stable shot. Our Professional Series Tripods feature a Smartphone mount with “BITE” technology meaning once it clamps down on your phone, you'll never have to worry about it falling! Larger and denser than similar tripod styles, our Professional Series Tripod features high-quality materials from the mount to the feet so it can be used in nearly any environment! These swivel, flexible, cell phone holders mount easily to nearly anything to safely and securely hold your cell phone. They are compact and lightweight, (measuring just under 10 inches long), making them easy to bring anywhere! The flexible legs and swiveling pedestal heads allow for easy viewing with its 360-degree rotating head which allows you to adjust the viewing angle to virtually any position! Intelehanz is suitable for virtually any cell phone, PDA, GPS, MP3, small digital card camera, car recorder, etc. Best of all you can choose from either style for just $10.00 each! 

♦ Please note some items may very slightly from the photographs due to availability of colors, styles, etc. from my suppliers. However, you can rest assured that the item you purchase will be of equal or greater quality.

Intelehanz Pro Series, Flexible Tripods, Hands Free Cell Phone Holders