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Large LED Corn Light Bulbs, The Ultimate Energy Savers Just $12.00 Each! These bulbs have 156 of the highest quality LED chips on the market, (quantity of LEDs may vary due to type of LED chips but light output will be the same). These bulbs use only 40 Watts of electricity and produce 4000 to 5000 Lumens of light and are just $12.00 each! These LED Bulbs are the ultimate in energy saving as the power consumption is 1/10 of an equal incandescent bulb and 2/3 of an energy-saving bulb under the same brightness! These bulbs have a long lifespan of 100,000 hours, (over 11 years), which is more than 10 times that of a traditional bulb! These bulbs offer 360° shining, with no dead corner, no flicker, with consistent and stable luminescence! These bulbs are high quality and made with aviation grade aluminum to ensure heat dissipation and a durable ABS housing which offers excellent corrosion resistance. These are great for garage, patio, office, home, etc; anywhere you need super bright light and lower energy usage! Best of all they are superior quality and just $12.00 each! 

LUMEN INFORMATION: Lumen value comparisons: For example, in indoor situations, most of the artificial light intensity is 400 to 600 lumens. But on a sunny day outside the brightness there has a larger variable range. There is about 1000 lumens of brightness in moderate shade compared to in highway areas with large cement pavement areas there will be around 6000 lumens of brightness. One lumen is approximately equal to the amount of light put out by one birthday candle that is one foot away from you. To help you get an idea of the lumen scale, a standard 60-watt incandescent bulb puts out around 750-850 lumens of light. If you are choosing bulbs for task lighting, look for bulbs with 1000 lumens or more. 

♦ Please note some items may vary slightly from the photographs due to availability of colors, styles, etc. from my suppliers. However, you can rest assured that the item you purchase will be of equal or greater quality.

Large LED Corn Light Bulbs

SKU: TGM-332
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