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Operation Desert Storm 24K Gold coin just $15.00 each. This beautiful U.S. Armed Forces Pride coin would make a wonderful addition to your collection or a great gift for the U.S. Armed Forces Operation Desert Storm Veteran in your life! This extremely popular privately minted coin features an impressive and unique design to honor the veterans who served in Operation Desert Storm. The obverse features a collage of images from the official insignias used for Operation Desert Storm and the words “OPERATION DESERT STORM”. The reverse features seals of the UNITED STATES ARMY, UNITED STATES NAVY, UNITED STATES COAST GUARD, UNITED STATES AIR FORCE, UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE.

These commemoratives are not an official government issue, but are privately minted issues. While these commemoratives are not solid silver or gold they are clad in the purest form of these precious metals making these commemoratives amongst the highest quality collectables. These make a great gift or addition to your collection! Each commemorative comes in a sealed plastic snap case, a Mylar Coin flip or a Ziploc baggie to protect it.

Operation Desert Storm 24K Gold coin

SKU: PCT 125
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